Spotter is a Casablanca-based fintech that develops an API-driven platform to facilitate financial data transfer with greater security and convenience to unlock the full business potential of its customers

Spotter has also a strong ambition of becoming a digital payments service provider and the partner of choice for businesses in its network as well as for financial institutions. We will be working not only as a provider but also and mainly as an enabler that is leveraging its experience and digital infrastructure solutions to help businesses, in emerging markets, to grow and scale their business in a very secure way.

Instant check verification is the first innovative service, among several other services, that Spotter will be offering to businesses struggling due to the growing number of bounced checks.

Our mission is to increase the ability to sell of our Customers

In fact, Spotter will enable businesses of every size – from new startups to large corporates – to assess instantly the creditworthiness of their customers paying by checks.

Spotter is committed toward building strong working relationship with Banks in Morocco and in other emerging markets in order to lunch, its Open Banking

Spotter is steadily building a risk decisioning model, which is both accurate and based on real-time information.

In fact, Spotter is committed to become a BNPL Provider leveraging data from a wide variety of sources outside of the traditional credit score, to give real-time insights into affordability and risk.

Spotter will be building its services around secured APIs, which are one piece of the whole open banking ecosystem, in order to help its users to quickly distinguish between a serious customer paying by a cheque and another customer for whom the transaction won’t go through.

Spotter web and mobile application will be offering businesses an instant visibility based on accurate banking data in order to counter any cheque fraud possibilities.

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